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check here often for latest updates and experiences from the crazy adventures of wedding planning!

May 4th, 2011

We are Wed! Thank you all!


It's over! We are officially married, and things are great!

Talk about a fun, action-packed event with tons of great friends and family, and loads of fun with all of them!

It was a heck of a lot of work, and certainly did not go off without a hitch - family missing planes and Alice falling off a horse on her way down the aisle, etc - but it was still an amazing and enchanted time, and we all had fun, so it was allworth it! So many people came up to me and Alice, together and individually, telling us how awesome, fun, interesting, romantic, lovely the wedding was. so Yay! Mission accomplished! :)

But none of this could've happened without the help of so many people throughout the weekend.

  • First and foremost: Thank you Karen for doing all of the food and so-much-other event coordination, and Willum for helping her and also being our officiator.
  • We also thank Dave and Kasey for coming in and helping Karen and Willum.
  • Thank you Fethr and Jay for helping Friday night, and making Saturday morning breakfast go!
  • Thank you Jen, Major, Austin, and Mac for helping clean up on Sunday, helping set up--and tear down-- the ceremony decorations, and for getting me an air compressor! :)
  • Huge thanks to Lara for her invaluable help Saturday brunch, and especially Saturday night dinner!!
  • Thank you Kristie for helping to relieve some of the burden off my shoulders and making things go.
  • Thank you Eric for telling stories and for the beer run, Kenny for bartending, Doryan for helping with beverages, Marisa and Mene for taking photos, Anderson for purchasing Pandora, Sarah for being there with the golf cart, and other help! Thank you Heather, and others, for lending your aid after Alice's spill.
  • Thank you to all the other people I randomly asked to do this or grab that, and to the others that were roped in to help a lead or other wedding person when I wasn't around
  • And of course, thank you Alice for being amazing and lovely and following through the ceremony with a smile after being thrown off a horse. :) ..oh, and for marrying me!

  • The thankyous could seriously keep going on forever, but let's just say this: Alice and I were reminded, yet again, how lucky and blessed we are to have such spectacular people in our lives! :-D

    Picture page is up so check out the pictures from the event, posted here: www.DimitriAndAlice.com/pics and upload your own, if you made it, AND took some!

    Marisa is doing prints and will be packing them up in Houston and mailing them here all at once to save on shipping. Be sure to get her your orders by May 15th!

    Well, I think that's it for now. Thank you again, and I hope to keep in touch with all of you!

     - Dimitri

    March 7th, 2011


    Well folks, we are looking at a month and a half before the big day and I still don’t have my wedding dress! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Don’t worry, I’ve got a couple of possibilities in the works but just in case you would like to also dress in period style clothing here are some ideas (below). All I ask is - no super formal ball gowns from the ladies and no super formal Victorian tuxes from the men (since that’s what we’ll be wearing!).  These links are ideas and you could always find modern clothing that resembles these examples (Steampunk works, too!).  Our colors are dark green, black, and silver.  As a personal favor to me… try to stay away from pink if you can ;)  Hope this helps y’all!
























    February 9th, 2011


    We just got back from a very cold day out at Moon River! We went to go scope the place out, again, and take inventory of a few things.
    We keep falling for the place more and more every time we go out, so that's a good sign! Means we done well in picking a venue! We were led around by Mike, the Ranch Manager. Extremely nice guy, and impressively enough had a huge part in the design and building of most of the lodges and buildings on the property. Very cool!
    I took a few more pictures of the venue and of the rooms. You can find them on the Venue and Accommodations pages, respectively.
    Go check 'em out! :) The place does get greener, btw. :)
     - Dimitri

    December 20th, 2010

    Programming a website... yowza!

    So I had no idea that there are so many different tools and technologies for programming a web page!  I've finally completed the reservation system, for which I've had to learn PHP, SQL, HTML DOM, CSS, JQuery, AJAX methods, and PayPal's IPN API.  It's taken me a few weeks, but it's finally wrapping up!
    The real kicker of it all is that I discovered, in my perusing of the PayPal SDK, that they also support inventory management, so I could've done the whole reservation system through them from the beginning and saved myself a bunch of time.  Oh well, at least this way I've learned a bunch of useful web tools that I can use in the future! :)
    Please email me asap if you have any issues with it!  dimitri@DimitriAndAlice.com.
     - Dimitri

     November 26th, 2010

    Website almost done!

    I have finally emerged from my Thanksgiving food coma and started getting the website put together.  I'm learning a lot and having a blast!  Still wondering how I'm going to manage pulling off the reservation system.  Maybe it's about time I finally tried my hand at learning some PHP and database management.
    Meanwhile, I have at least gotten almost all of the rest of the site done... that was the easy stuff!
    Hopefully I haven't misspelled anything, though. ;)
     - Dimitri

    October 1st, 2010

    Venue finally decided on!

    UGG... searching for venues has got to be one of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding.  It's not necessarily the incessant searching and visiting, and so forth, to find the right place, it's the uncertainty in the meantime that's so tough.  Not just the emotional aspect of it, but also the fact that it puts the rest of the planning on hold!  Do we need table settings?  How about accommodations?  Travel arrangements?  Food?  Ceremony and reception logistics?  Ack!
     One of the difficulties was deciding on, exactly, the kind of wedding that we wanted.  Did we want a more period wedding, with a more traditional structure?  Did we want a more destination-wedding for us and our attendees?  Did we want activities or just the ceremony/reception?  And on, and on... We did know, at least, that we wanted it out in the woods, and that we wanted a party atmosphere.
    So now, at last, we have settled on Moon River Ranch, near Waco, TX.  It is 1800 acres of awesome along the Brazos River.  It's expensive, but it's gorgeous and will be a lot of fun! 
    Link is here.  More info to come!
     - Dimitri


    E-mail Dimitri any time, with any questions: Dimitri@DimitriandAlice.com
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