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Although our biggest gift is having our friends and family with us on this special occasion, there are still some that feel obligated to not come empty handed.  If you are one of those then you can look into getting us gift cards at either of these two places:


Brookstone – their bedding/mattress stuff is excellent (Tempurpedic!), not to mention all of the really useful gadgets for storage, kitchen, cleaning, etc.

Brookstone.com Wedding Gift Card link.


Lowe’s – Excellent source for stuff for our joint DIY projects around the house (that we've been waiting until after the wedding to start), as well as small and big appliances.

Lowes.com Wedding Gift Card link.


If you do choose to get a gift card and are also planning on making it to the wedding then please keep it and bring it with you to the event so we can thank you in person!
If you're not coming, then you can send them to us at:  1125 Byers Ln., Austin, TX, 78753

Either way, make sure we have your contact info because I would like to send personal Thank-You's with info on what we used it for.
E-mail Dimitri any time, with any questions: Dimitri@DimitriandAlice.com
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