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Moon River Ranch
On-site Accommodations
& Reservations

Hopefully you'll consider staying on the ranch with us!  Not only will you be near the excitement and the cool wedding people, you'll also get all of the luxuries of this fantastic, rustic, relaxing resort.
Below the pictures is a reservation form where you can reserve, and put a down payment on, a room.
Below is the Reservation form if you would like to purchase a room, bunk, or Airstream on the ranch.  You can choose to have the accommodation for one night, or two.  Friday night and Sunday morning meals are included in the prices.
Exact room location will be assigned at the wedding.  A full payment can be made now, or you can make a down payment of half, with the other half due at the event.
All credit card purchases are through a secure site on PayPal.  They will go directly to us, Dimitri and Alice, who will pay the venue (Moon River has put us in charge of filling the rooms).


To begin, please select your name from the list.
If your name is not in this list then RSVP here, first.