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Alice and Dimitri met on a spring night in 2007, at a party.  As unexciting and unromantic as that is, the actual sparks that flew were anything but.  They shared music, that night, at the ivory keys of a piano, and have been sharing it ever since.
Not a single relationship is without its ups and downs and gaps in between, and this was no exception.  Over time, one thing has always remained true, though: their love and partnership is stronger than any obstacle, and would persevere. 
In spring of 2011, after nearly 4 years of enriching each others' lives, they will make their bond official in front of a gathering of dear friends and family.
So  what makes these two tick?  Who are Alice and Dimitri?
(written by each, about the other)
 lice is a true Indigo soul, bringing the joy of nature and music to those around her. She loves herbs and spice and everything nice about Mother Nature.  She thrives on knowing the plants around her and how to use them in many utilitarian, food, artistic, and medicinal ways.  You have a sore throat?  There's a tea for that.  Poison ivy?  There's a tea for that, too.  Her current studies in Biology at Austin Community College (and eventually, hopefully, TX A&M) tie in many of these interests and get her closer to her goal of one day working with the Parks and Wildlife department: getting paid to do what she does for fun every time she steps out into the woods.
Alice is full of class and the pinnacle of courtesy.  She jumps at every opportunity to host and knows how to really make a home a home.  She is regularly greeted with guests complimenting her on how great her home is and how good and cozy it feels.  Her intuition, phenomenal cooking, and green thumb are great contributors, as well as the love and energy that she puts into it.
She is an amazing singer and a delight to anyone lucky enough to get to hear her.  She is also a passionate performer and looks forward to one day returning to the stage in any facet of musical performance.   Perhaps the greatest compliment I can receive when I write a song on the piano is when Alice starts to sing along with her own, inspired, musical contribution.

imitri is bubbling with optimism, enthusiasm, ambition, energy, and good will. Definitely a kind soul, he strives for a positive , uplifting atmosphere at home, work, and social endeavors, but embraces tough love.

He has a passion for logic and conceptualization. He can spend hours a day typing out lines of programming code and enjoy most of every moment of it. ;) In addition to this, he is a wiz with numbers and is always willing to lend a hand tutoring math. Constantly determined to better himself and get the most out life, he has many business ideas that are on the road to reality.

When Dimitri sits down at his grand piano, the house is filled with beautiful music, being that he is a highly skilled and talented musician. You can feel the music within your spirit, see the emotion in his face and in the gracefulness of his fingers.

You would also be hard pressed to find a more understanding, open minded, or fun loving individual. His sense of adventure and youthful humor make hanging with him a delightful experience. These adventures include anything from going out on the town dancing, driving across America in his VW Vanagon, participating in a city-wide scavenger hunt, hanging with awesome peeps at a themed costume party, traversing through the Jemez Mts. off trail, and starring in a homegrown musical; but that is nothing compared to the adventures he aspires to such as the Mongol Rally, sky-diving, riding in a hot-air balloon, sailing around South America and more!

There is no doubt that he will one day make a caring, thoughtful, and loving father who encourages, supports, and has fun with his children.


E-mail Dimitri any time, with any questions: Dimitri@DimitriandAlice.com
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